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19 June 2023

Safeguard Your Identity: Infosec K2K’s Response to the Recent VMware ESXi Vulnerability

Cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated in today’s ever-evolving cyber security landscape, with new threats constantly being uncovered. One of the most recent threats to hit the headlines has been a zero-day vulnerability in VMware ESXi, which has been exploited by a Chinese state-sponsored hacking group. The cyber criminals have been able to take advantage of this weakness and backdoor Windows and Linux virtual machines (VM) hosted on compromised ESXi hosts, enabling them to steal critical data. This attack underscores the importance of robust internet security, and why businesses and individuals alike should consider turning to Identity and Access Management (IAM) services.

A Serious Cyber Threat – VMware ESXi Vulnerability

Earlier this month, the cyber security firm Mandiant revealed that a Chinese hacking group known as UNC3886 had escalated their online actions, and begun exploiting the vulnerability in VMware ESXi. They were able to deploy VirtualPita and VirtualPie backdoors, bypass authentication, and gain command of both Windows and Linux VMs. By exploiting this vulnerability, which has a ‘low severity’ rating according to VMware, the hacking group has shown that no platform is immune to their activities. Even the seemingly impenetrable Windows and Linux VMs can be compromised. Once they were able to gain access to VMS, they could give unauthorised users remote access, leading to loss of control and data breaches.

The Importance of Identity Security

Identity security has always been a key component when it comes to cyber security, but recent threats like the VMware ESXi vulnerability have highlighted its significance. At its core, identity security is all about protecting the access rights and credentials of all users within a network or system, and ensuring they can access the correct files and networks that they’ve been authorised to use. If these access rights and credentials were to fall into the wrong hands, then it would have serious consequences. Protecting your identity online – and the security of your network – has become paramount. In fact, in the case of the VMware ESXi vulnerability, the hackers were able to exploit the systems precisely because they had access to the user identities. Robust security measures, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, and even biometric verification, can ensure only the right people can access sensitive information. Preventing unauthorised access helps to instil trust and confidence in online interactions, strengthening your cyber security framework and preserving your organisation’s integrity – which is why we at Infosec K2K offer these services and more.

Why Choose Infosec K2K for Your IAM Needs?

We’ve seen the damage that cyber criminals can do at many organisations around the globe, and understand the importance of securing Identity & Access Management (IAM) at your organisation. We provide comprehensive IAM solutions, which are tailored to protect our clients against emerging cyber threats. Our solutions are designed not only to manage and protect user identities, but also ensure that all of the proper access controls, authentications, and authorisations are in place – and that your framework meets all the correct regulatory requirements.

We understand each organisation has unique needs, and therefore requires a bespoke approach when it comes to IAM. We have a team of experts working closely with our clients to understand their needs and design and implement IAM solutions that are perfectly suited to them – and with teams in both the UK and India, we can offer round-the-clock support. To further emphasise our commitment to your cyber security, Infosec K2K is currently offering a free health check for any organisation’s cyber security framework. Our experts will carry out an extensive audit, alerting you to any potential vulnerabilities you may have – and recommending measures to fortify your defences. At Infosec K2K, we believe in proactive prevention rather than reacting to cyber attacks. With this health check, we can identify weaknesses before they can be exploited, and safeguard you from potential breaches and attacks.

The rise of sophisticated cyber threats – like UNC3886 exploiting the VMware ESXi vulnerability recently – has emphasised the importance of IAM solutions. At Infosec K2K, we stand ready to help protect your network, offering a free cyber security health check and comprehensive IAM solutions. It’s time to take a step towards a more secure digital identity

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