Keep Your Network Under Control With IAM Security Assessments

Using Identity and Access Management assessments, we can ensure that your employees will only have access to the data and files they need, and that they also have the proper security clearances. This way, you can control who can access critical data, and reduce the risk of any data breaches in your network.

Fortify your cyber security strategy with our IAM Assessment Services, and benefit from improved risk mitigation, enhanced IAM maturity, streamlined access controls, elevated compliance levels, and a more secure and efficient operational environment.

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  • Maturity Assessments
    Discover your IAM maturity level with our comprehensive IAM Maturity Assessment. Identify any gaps in your cyber defences, mitigate risks, and receive recommendations to enhance your security and compliance – optimise your IAM strategy today.
  • Privilege Access Assessments
    Gain control over privileged access with our comprehensive assessments. Identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and receive actionable recommendations to ensure your cyber security systems are up to scratch.
  • Role Mining and Design
    Streamline user access and strengthen security with our IAM Role Mining and Design Assessments. We’ll analyse your users’ access patterns, define their roles, and design an efficient role structure tailored to your organisation. Our recommendations will optimise access management, improve compliance, and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Risk Assessments
    Identify and mitigate any risks in your current IAM practices with the help of our comprehensive IAM Risk Assessment. As well as evaluating your current framework, we’ll identify and eliminate any vulnerabilities, make sure you’re aware of any potential weaknesses, and offer our expert guidance to ensure your defences align with current industry best practices and regulatory requirements.
  • Health Checks
    Assess the health of your IAM system with our comprehensive IAM Health Check. We’ll evaluate everything from your configurations and user lifecycle management to security controls and compliance adherence. Receive actionable recommendations from our expert team, and a roadmap to enhance security, efficiency, and compliance.
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IAM Assessments

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IAM can play a critical role in helping organisations comply with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA).

DORA requires financial institutions to establish and maintain effective governance and risk management arrangements, including identifying critical business services and systems, assessing the impact of disruptions, and ensuring the availability of backup and recovery solutions. IAM solutions can help financial institutions to meet these requirements by providing the following capabilities:

Identity Governance

IAM solutions can provide a centralised platform for managing user identities and access rights across your organisation, including privileged access.

Multi-Factor Authentication

These capabilities help prevent unauthorised access to critical systems and data. This is especially important for high-risk activities such as privileged access and remote access.

Access Controls

Fine-grained access controls ensure that users have access only to the systems and data that they need to perform their jobs, mitigating the impact of cyber attacks and other disruptions by limiting the scope of access.

Identity Analytics

IAM solutions can provide identity analytics capabilities to help financial institutions detect and respond to suspicious activity by monitoring for anomalies in user behaviour, such as unusual login times or access patterns.

Discover how Infosec K2K can help streamline your security needs, including DORA, with our bespoke IAM solutions.

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Why Infosec K2K?

Reducing Cyber Risk

We specialise in IAM, and helping our clients significantly reduce cyber risk and prevent cyber attacks.

Tailored Services

Our client-focused approach ensures our customised IAM solutions will perfectly match your unique requirements.

Marketplace Understanding and Track Record

With deep expertise and a successful track record, we guide clients to achieve their desired security state.

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with leading technology and resourcing providers, simplifying roadmap choices for pragmatic cyber security outcomes.

Global Expertise, Local Relevance

Our international team of skilled cyber security professionals, based in the UK and India, deliver prompt and relevant services at any time of day or night.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our cost-effective and scalable models allow you to change your spending based on your business’ changing cyber security demands.

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We offer 24/7 support – anytime, anywhere.

Want to find out more about how we can help you and your dynamic protect your data?

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