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The Rise of AI in Cyber Security: How to Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace at the moment, and changing every industry – and the cyber security industry is no exception. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years has brought with it a whole host of both opportunities and challenges. AI in cyber security can help make businesses more efficient by automating tasks and enhancing productivity. However, cyber criminals are also able to harness its power for more malicious purposes. Today’s businesses need to adapt their cyber security strategies, and at Infosec K2K, we can help fortify your defences to cope with the evolving threat that is AI.

The Dark Side of AI in Cybersecurity

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a surge in cyber attacks, from ransomware to phishing. Last year, a survey showed that 72.7% of businesses around the world had been affected by ransomware attacks. This rise in cyber threats isn’t likely to slow down, unfortunately. This month, the National Cyber Security Centre in the UK warned that “All types of cyber threat actor – state and non-state, skilled and less skilled – are already using AI, to varying degrees” – and that AI will lead to an increase in cyber attacks.

2023 was considered to be a breakout year for generative AI, and 2024 could see it being more widely used by cyber criminals. Tools like chatbots can make it easier for attackers to craft more targeted and more convincing phishing emails, and advances in AI mean that it could soon be used to analyse and exploit patterns in user behaviour. AI algorithms can quickly analyse vast amounts of data. Although this can be useful for any business, it could also help cyber criminals identify high-value targets. AI will lower the threshold of entry for cyber criminals, making it easier for even the most unskilled of them to access tools like malware. They won’t have to create their own malware – instead, they can rely on AI tools that they find online.

AI in Action

AI can be used to create images and videos, but it can also be used to generate fake audio. Cyber criminals have already taken advantage of this fact in phishing attacks. Europol has identified a tool that can generate someone’s voice from just a five second clip. Back in 2019, criminals were able to use one of these audio deep fakes to trick the CEO of a UK energy company into paying them £200,000. The CEO thought he was speaking to the chief executive of the parent company. This was five years ago, and AI tools have advanced greatly – there are some criminals now using video deep fakes.

Last year, it was revealed that Russia was running a cyber warfare campaign with AI-generated news articles and more than 800 social media accounts. The content was targeting audiences in Germany, Ukraine, and the US. While this cybercrime was state-sponsored, ransomware gangs and cyber criminals working on their own are following suit. The most common signs to look out for in phishing emails are poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Generative AI tools, however, can make phishing campaigns more convincing than ever.

AI’s Growing Threat

The growing threat of AI has left many people worried. A recent Barracuda report showed that just 39% of companies surveyed believed their cyber infrastructure was adequately equipped to protect their data from Gen AI-powered automated security attacks. Here at Infosec K2K, we stand at the forefront of defending businesses against the evolving threat landscape. Our IAM solutions go beyond traditional security measures to provide a more comprehensive cyber security strategy.

When it comes to maintaining your cyber defences, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is key. It ensures your organisation’s assets are out of cybercriminals’ reach, and can only be accessed by authorised individuals. The IAM solutions we offer allow you to enforce strict authentication protocols and protect your data from unauthorised access. While AI poses challenges, it also presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to strengthen their cyber security defences. By leveraging AI in conjunction with IAM solutions, organisations can turn the tables on cybercriminals. With AI-driven authentication methods like biometrics and anomaly detection, IAM can enhance your defences. AI-powered tools can even monitor your network and analyse users’ behaviour, alerting you if anything might indicate a breach.

The Role of Infosec K2K

At Infosec K2K, we understand that strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in delivering effective security solutions. We’ve partnered with a range of industry leaders like AT&T Cybersecurity, to offer our clients protection against AI-driven threats. With their AI-driven IAM solutions we provide real-time insights into cyber threats, helping businesses respond swiftly to any threats. AT&T Cybersecurity’s AI-powered tools also include threat detection and automated incident response. These help businesses stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

With businesses forced to navigate the challenges of the AI era, here at Infosec K2K we’re a steadfast cyber partner. Our innovative IAM solutions adapt to the evolving cyber threat landscape, defending our clients against AI-driven threats while also harnessing the power to strengthen their cyber defences.

Whatever solution you’re looking for, we can help. The experts at Infosec K2K can offer you specialist guidance, and help you find the product that’s the best fit for you.

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New Year, New Risks: 2024 Cyber Security Resolutions For Your Business

As we begin the new year and look forward to what 2024 might bring us, it’s crucial that businesses of all sizes take the time to reevaluate their cyber security posture. The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, and organisations need to take a proactive approach to safeguard their data, assets, and the integrity of their business. At Infosec K2K, we understand the challenges that today’s organisations can face every day, and we’re committed to providing cutting-edge Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to fortify your defences. To help set your business up for the next 12 months, we’ve put together four essential cyber security resolutions for your business that could help you avoid costly attacks or data breaches.

Implement Identity and Access Management

Last year, cyber experts warned that passwords alone are no longer sufficient to protect your most sensitive accounts and data. While some will say that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA for short) is the solution, it’s unfortunately no longer strong enough. Although MFA involves multiple forms of identification like passwords, fingerprint scans, or one-time codes, the rise of sophisticated cyber threats calls for an additional layer of defence.

Implementing additional adaptive controls is crucial for modern business, as this ensures comprehensive protection and guards against potential MFA bypassing techniques. By incorporating IAM solutions into your cyber defences, you can seamlessly integrate MFA into your authentication processes. Here at Infosec K2K, we can find the ideal IAM solution tailored to your business needs, and provide you with robust authentication and authorisation mechanisms. By enforcing strict access controls that are even more robust than MFA, we can provide you with a user-friendly experience while keeping your files and network safe. Whether your employees are accessing systems from the office or working remotely, our solutions offer a layered defence against unauthorised access attempts.

Carry Out a Cyber Risk Assessment

Understanding your organisation’s vulnerabilities is the first step towards building a more resilient cyber security strategy. A comprehensive cyber security risk assessment helps you to identify potential threats, find weaknesses in your cyber defences, assess the impact of a possible security incident, and prioritise risk mitigation efforts. By conducting an assessment, any business can gain valuable insights into their cyber security posture and can begin to proactively address any weaknesses they might find.

Here at Infosec K2K, we offer a range of risk assessments for businesses of all sizes, and can help you to identify and mitigate potential risks. By assessing your current IAM practices, policies and access controls we can offer you actionable insights and help you to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. Our assessments include penetration testing, breach and attacking simulation modelling, and vulnerability management, and our managed SOC services can offer you round-the-clock support and protection.

Educate Your Employees

The next new year’s resolution in our list is also one of the most important. Your employees are the first line of defence against cyber threats, so investing in their cyber education is vital. Phishing attacks, social engineering, and other tactics often target unsuspecting employees, and they’re on the rise – in fact, the number of phishing attacks rose by 173% in Q3 of last year. Training programs that educate staff on how to recognise potential threats and respond to them can significantly reduce the risk of successful cyber attacks on your business.

Through our audit and compliance services and assessments, we provide businesses with actionable insights. These can help organisations to make more informed decisions about their cyber defences and create a more robust cyber security culture. Our regular blogs also feature tips and explanations of the latest cyber threats your workforce should be on the lookout for.

Keep Your Software Updated

For any business, ensuring regular updates for all software – including operating systems and applications – is one of the fundamental pillars of cybersecurity. Software updates serve a critical role, and they can often include critical security patches that address vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals. Failing to keep your software up to date will leave your business exposed to potential breaches and compromises.

At Infosec K2K, we recommend that you automate the software update and patch installation process wherever possible. Not only can this save time and make your IT department more efficient, but can ensure your business is compliant with new policies and regulations. If you have to update your software manually, then our IAM solutions can help you implement robust access controls, and ensure that only authorised personnel are able to perform updates, reducing the risk of unauthorised access or tampering. Our comprehensive monitoring capabilities give you real-time insights into the different software versions used across your business, enabling swift action in case there are any discrepancies found.

In conclusion, as we embark on a new year, it’s important for businesses to prioritise cyber security. The resolutions we’ve outlined above serve as a solid foundation for a proactive and resilient security strategy for your business. At Infosec K2K, we are committed to helping you to keep these resolutions thanks to our state-of-the-art IAM solutions. Together, we can make 2024 a year of strengthened cyber defences.

Whatever solution you’re looking for, we can help. The experts at Infosec K2K can offer you specialist guidance, and help you find the product that’s the best fit for you.

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