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Why your business needs a Security Operations Centre (SOC)

What should my company invest in? What are the best solutions to detect, monitor and eliminate risk? The answer often directs us to the trusty Security Operations Centre (SOC). Devo’s Ponemon Institute research revealed that 40% of IT professionals classed their SOC as very important to their organisation’s overall cyber security strategy. For increased visibility and control over our security matters, the combination of artificial intelligence (SIEM) and human expertise (SOC) is a winning solution. Reducing risk, one threat at a time.

What is a SOC?

To survive a cyber attack, organisations must arm themselves with technology that can detect incidents in their infancy. But, that does require input from us, too. The most effective way to integrate your defences is with a Security Operations Centre (SOC). An effective SOC offers 24/7 surveillance of computer networks and servers to identify vulnerabilities in digital infrastructure and mitigate the cyber risk. It uses artificial intelligence through Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to collect and analyse accumulated log data which, when combined with human expertise, forms an everlasting security solution. A SOC allows for greater visibility and stronger security procedures. The result? Better protection for your most valuable assets.

Why your business needs a SOC

All organisations should be prepared when it comes to cyber security, but those operating across a number of networks and locations must be extra vigilant. For bad actors looking to compromise data, such large-scale, remote working companies are the top targets. However, by investing in an effective, centralised SOC, your business can maintain a strong defence. A managed SOC, working alongside SIEM tools, will help to detect, monitor and eliminate incoming threats. Without the data obtained from these cyber solutions, it would be impossible to determine the root cause of a breach and protect from future threats. So, for those looking to get more from their cyber security investments, a SOC could be the ideal solution.

Centralised monitoring for increased visibility

Cyber criminals will strike whenever they feel they’re most likely to be successful, often attacking at unsociable hours when your employees aren’t alert to the threat. We need to adopt security solutions that can protect us from attacks, even when we’re not around to detect them. Organisations must be able to monitor and mitigate cyber risks easily, with maximum visibility. They must be able to manage critical IT infrastructure (and communicate its risks and vulnerabilities) all in one. This is where SOC comes in.

The downside? For optimised performance, the SOC solution requires 24/7 observation from reactive analysts and responders. Your dedicated security professionals must be ready and waiting to jump on flagged threats when required, as every second that passes is an opportunity for attackers to cause more damage!

Digital transformation has created risks

The recent adoption of digital transformation processes and remote working has resulted in increased use of cloud technologies and internet-connected devices, plus the connection of mobile and computing devices to corporate networks. Because of this, security measures are left with reduced visibility. By investing in a SOC that can detect, analyse and manage security alerts on a mass scale, security risks can become less of a worry.

Combining AI with human expertise

By blending advanced AI technology with unparalleled human expertise, a SOC forms the perfect cyber security combination. Managed by a single team internally, the SOC works hard to keep the entire organisation afloat. The collaborative practice between team members on a centralised system makes it easier to meet the cyber security needs of an organisation, leading to improved incident response times and better detection of threats.

Reduced security costs

Investing in solid security solutions isn’t cheap. But you’ll find that budgeting for cyber security as one of your top priorities is well worth it. Considering the detrimental impact that a cyber attack could have on your business, the associated costs are easily justified. According to its Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021, IBM reported that last year had the highest average cost of a data breach in its 17 years of researching the topic. Rising from $3.86 million to $4.24 million, this is far more than what investing in cyber security solutions will cost you.

Get more out of your security investments with a simple SOC. With the ability to streamline processes, quickly identify risks and reduce the impact of security incidents, the SOC will ensure continued business growth and development. A SOC can reduce business costs by creating a base for security resources to work together as one. With this, recruitment of extra staff to cover the workload and duplication of tasks are avoided. By investing in an effective SOC that can deter cyber attacks and avoid damage, you’ll receive a significant return on investment.

Our solution

An outsourced SOC can take the hassle out of juggling security solutions in-house, reducing the time, cost and resources expended for your business. With the help of a third-party cyber security provider, like us at Infosec K2K, you can trust in the knowledge that your company’s security is in the very capable hands of expert professionals, who’ll monitor and manage cyber risk 24/7. Wherever you are on your cyber security journey, we’ll help you to reach your destination – secure business protection. So, why not start with an expertly managed SOC?

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