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The methods and tools used by cyber criminals are constantly evolving, and for businesses looking to protect their data, it’s critical that they ensure their cyber security is up-to-date. Our Security Assurance Services can help you to find the gaps in your cyber defences, and ensure your business is fully protected against cyber attacks.

We provide actionable insights to improve your resilience, protect assets and critical data, and enhance your cyber security. With our Security Assurance Services, we offer thorough compliance audits, robust penetration testing, comprehensive breach simulations, and proactive vulnerability management.

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  • Audit & Compliance Services
    Stay compliant and secure with our IAM Audit & Compliance Services. We’ll assess your current IAM practices, policies, and access controls, and provide you with actionable recommendations. Achieve regulatory compliance and enhance security with our expert audits and risk assessments.
  • Penetration Testing
    Establish system security assurance and identify and mitigate risks with penetration testing. Our expert team will discover how far your network can be penetrated, and evaluate the effectiveness of your cyber security. By strengthening your security posture, you can safeguard your assets and protect your organisation’s most secure data.
  • Breach & Attacking Simulation Modelling
    Assess your cyber security and strengthen your cyber defences with our Breach & Attack Simulation Modelling. Simulate real-world attacks, identify vulnerabilities, and improve your incident response strategy. Get actionable recommendations and empower your employees, and stay ahead of cyber threats with our expert-led simulations.
  • Vulnerability Management
    Vulnerabilities offer cyber criminals a way into your network – stay one step ahead by identifying, assessing, and mitigating any vulnerabilities. Our services include patch management and continuous monitoring, and we offer remediation support to mitigate any further risks and improve your cyber security posture.

Security Assurance Services

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Why Infosec K2K?

Reducing Cyber Risk

We specialise in IAM, and helping our clients significantly reduce cyber risk and prevent cyber attacks.

Tailored Services

Our client-focused approach ensures our customised IAM solutions will perfectly match your unique requirements.

Marketplace Understanding and Track Record

With deep expertise and a successful track record, we guide clients to achieve their desired security state.

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with leading technology and resourcing providers, simplifying roadmap choices for pragmatic cyber security outcomes.

Global Expertise, Local Relevance

Our international team of skilled cyber security professionals, based in the UK and India, deliver prompt and relevant services at any time of day or night.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our cost-effective and scalable models allow you to change your spending based on your business’ changing cyber security demands.

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