When it comes to evaluating your cyber security, security auditing is vital for any organisation, as it can identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance.

Our team of experts can assess your cyber defences, test for vulnerabilities, and suggest ways for you to improve your cyber security.

We can implement measures to minimise the risk of data breaches or cyber attacks, protect your organisation from cyber threats, and maintain data integrity – safeguarding your assets, your reputation, and business continuity.

Penetration Testing

By using penetration testing, businesses can proactively identify any weaknesses in their networks and cyber defences. Not only does it improve their security posture, but it ensures compliance with industry regulations, maintains customer trust, and minimises the risk of both data breaches and reputational damage.

Our expert team will discover how far your network can be penetrated, and evaluate the effectiveness of your existing cyber security. We’ll identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, so you can understand how to address them, and our full report will help you to draw up an effective action plan.


of companies perform penetration tests to measure their security posture or for compliance reasons (Core Security)

Vulnerability Management

Human error is a major cause of cyber security breaches. People failing to update their password or forgetting to download the latest security patches for their software can cause vulnerabilities in your network, and give cyber criminals an entry point into your network.

With our Vulnerability Management service, we can help you stay one step ahead of cyber criminals, by performing regular internal and external scans of your IT infrastructure. We’ll detect and analyse and weaknesses in your cyber defences before they can be exploited, and provide you a remediation plan to mitigate any further risks.


of IT pros don’t conduct regular vulnerability scanning (RapidFire Tools)

Breach and Attack Simulation

When it comes to your cyber defences, breach and attack simulation services are essential. If we encounter a vulnerability while assessing your network and infrastructure – a vulnerability that a malicious actor could take advantage of – we can simulate a real-world attack on your organisation’s systems. If any further issues are discovered, we’ll provide you with a prioritised list of remediation steps to take.


These simulations can give an organisation a deeper visibility of their cyber security, and provide a better idea of how prepared they would be for a real cyber attack. By evaluating their defences in this way, organisations can mitigate potential issues and future-proof their cyber security measures.


of companies have high-risk vulnerabilities in their networks (Positive Technologies)

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