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Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and hackers are constantly on the lookout for new tools or new methods to cause damage or steal your private data. If you want to protect your business from these online threats, you need to shore up your cyber defences and make sure you’re aware of any potential weaknesses in your network.

At Infosec K2K, we offer cyber risk assessments, and will ensure no stone is left unturned in our search for any vulnerabilities in your system.

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Penetration Testing

If we encounter a potential vulnerability in your cyber defences that a malicious actor could breach, then we’ll simulate a real-world attack on your organisation’s network, applications, or systems. We’ll discover how far your network can be penetrated, and evaluate the effectiveness of your existing security controls. By identifying weaknesses before they can be exploited, we’ll better understand the steps that need to be taken to address them and boost your defences. You’ll receive a full report of our findings, so that we can help you draw up an effective action plan.

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Technical Assessment

Using scanning tools, we’ll conduct a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your organisation’s technical infrastructure, systems, and processes. By analysing network configurations, security controls, applications and hardware, we’ll identify any vulnerabilities such as out-of-date software or security patches. This gives us an in-depth understanding of your cyber security posture, so we can improve your security measures and prevent any breaches or cyber attacks.

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Policy & Process Assessment

Data protection regulations are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest cyber threats, and your business needs to keep up. Our Policy & Process Assessments evaluate your organisation’s cyber security policies and processes to ensure they align with current industry best practices and regulatory requirements. We’ll identify any gaps or areas for improvement, and streamline processes to enhance your cyber security posture. We offer expert guidance, and will work with you to help you obtain the necessary accreditations and meet any relevant industry-specific regulations.

Keep Your Network Under Control With IAM Security Assessments

Using Identity and Access Management assessments, we can ensure that your employees will only have access to the data and files they need, and that they also have the proper security clearances. This way, you can control who can access critical data, and reduce the risk of any data breaches in your network.

  • IAM Maturity Assessment

    This involves evaluating the current maturity level of your IAM capabilities, processes, and technologies, benchmarking them against industry standards, and identifying areas of improvement.

  • Role Mining & Design Assessment

    This process involves understanding and mapping job roles to access rights within your systems. It helps ensure that employees have access only to what they need, minimising the risk of unnecessary access.

  • Privileged Access Assessment

    This assessment is focused on identifying who has elevated access rights, determining whether this level of access is justified, and ensuring that privileged access is managed securely.

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