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Identity security has changed a lot over the past few years, and is more important than ever – 84% of businesses have experienced an identity-related data breach. While it can be difficult to control who is and isn’t authorised, identity security solutions can help minimise risk and prevent unauthorised access. With our portfolio of solutions, we can find the right IAM solution for you, and implement it successfully.

Our IAM Implementation and Support services provide enhanced security, operational efficiency, and precise business alignment. Strengthen your identity management, optimise your access controls, seamlessly integrate our solutions with your existing systems, and secure remote user access across your network.

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  • Strategy, Roadmap and Operating Model Development
    Develop client-centric IAM strategies and roadmaps aligned to target state operating model outcomes. We’ll tailor our solutions to meet your firm’s specific needs, ensuring optimal alignment between IAM and business objectives.
  • Identity Management
    Efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of user identities in your system. From onboarding to offboarding, we’ll provide comprehensive identity lifecycle management solutions for enhanced security and compliance.
  • IAM Solution Integration
    Maximise the potential and effectiveness of your existing IAM capabilities through seamless integration. Our expertise ensures optimal integration, unlocking the full power of your IAM solutions for enhanced security and operational efficiency.
  • Access Control Solution
    Ensure appropriate granting or restriction of resources based on verified user identities. Our IAM solutions will provide you with robust authentication and authorisation mechanisms, safeguarding your resources and always maintaining strict access controls.
  • Customer Identity and Access Management
    Securely provision customer access to your applications and services. Our IAM solutions enable seamless and controlled customer authentication, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience while protecting your valuable assets from unauthorised users.
  • Secure Remote User Access
    Support end-user remote working requirements with secure and reliable IAM solutions. Enable seamless access to critical resources while maintaining strong authentication and authorisation controls, ensuring data security in remote work environments.

IAM Implementation & Support Services

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Why Infosec K2K?

Reducing Cyber Risk

We specialise in IAM, and helping our clients significantly reduce cyber risk and prevent cyber attacks.

Reducing Cyber Risk

Our client-focused approach ensures our customised IAM solutions will perfectly match your unique requirements.

Marketplace Understanding and Track Record

With deep expertise and a successful track record, we guide clients to achieve their desired security state.

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with leading technology and resourcing providers, simplifying roadmap choices for pragmatic cyber security outcomes.

Global Expertise, Local Relevance

Our international team of skilled cyber security professionals, based in the UK and India, deliver prompt and relevant services at any time of day or night.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our cost-effective and scalable models allow you to change your spending based on your business’ changing cyber security demands.

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