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We provide robust security solutions, including bespoke IAM services, to global organisations. Our Europe and India-based experts offer round-the-clock support. With a dynamic range of cyber security solutions, we help prevent and address evolving threats, such as cyber attacks and data breaches. Our flexible pay-as-you-go model ensures cost-effective access to our IAM expertise. Trust our skilled international team for comprehensive protection.

  • A study by the Ponemon Institute showed the average cost of non-compliance was $14.82 million, while the average cost of compliance was $5.47 million - investing in necessary compliance measures can save organisations a substantial amount of money.

  • PurpleSec’s cyber crime statistics show that the frequency of ransomware attacks is growing at an alarming rate - increasing by 350% since 2018.

  • According to Cybersecurity Ventures’ annual report, cyber crime is estimated to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025 - an increase of more than $7 trillion since 2015.

Why Choose Infosec K2K’s On-Demand IAM Solutions?


Our IAM experts are available to assist you remotely, wherever and whenever the need arises. Whether it’s a peak period with high demand or an off-peak project that requires specialised knowledge, we’ve got you covered.

Cost Efficiency:

Reduce your operational costs with our flexible pay-as-you-go model, meaning you only pay for the services you need when you need them.

Experienced Team:

Leverage the expertise of our highly-skilled IAM professionals, who are adept in handling a range of IAM challenges.

International Standards, Local Presence:

As a UK-based company with a legal entity in India, we adhere to global standards while offering you all the advantages of a local presence.

Quick Turnaround Time:

Our dedicated team in India ensures faster turnaround times due to the time zone difference, providing you with 24/7 cyber support.


Larger firms have more bureaucratic processes, slowing down their response times. As a smaller firm, we offer our clients faster, more personalised responses, with agile solutions to meet your needs.

Don’t let the fluctuating demand for IAM services impact your business. With
Infosec K2K, gain the agility and expertise to manage your IAM needs effectively.

Keep up with the latest global cyber threats

Let us help you become DORA compliant

Assess your IT infrastructure’s current state

How We Can Help Keep Your Business Safe And Secure

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Digital Transformation

Companies undergoing digital transformation often struggle with managing access across various digital platforms and applications. Our comprehensive IAM solutions ensure secure and efficient access management throughout the digital transformation process.

Regulatory Compliance

Different industries have different regulations related to data security and privacy (GDPR, HIPAA, and so on). Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines or reputational damage - we’ll help you to comply with these regulations by providing IAM solutions that meet regulatory requirements.


As companies grow, their IAM needs become more complex. We’ll help you to scale your IAM capabilities as you expand, without having to invest in in-house resources.

Remote Work Challenges

With the increase in remote work, managing access for remote employees has become a major challenge for many companies. We can provide secure, reliable IAM solutions that support remote work.

Security Breaches

Security breaches due to weak or stolen credentials are a common problem. By implementing strong authentication and access control measures, we can help reduce the risk of any breaches of cyber attacks.

Integration Issues

Many companies use a variety of software applications, and integrating IAM across these applications can be challenging. Our integrated IAM solutions that work seamlessly across all applications.

Cost Management

Maintaining an in-house IAM team can be costly - with our pay-as-you-go model, we allow our clients’ companies to manage their IAM needs cost-effectively, paying only for the services they use.

Risk Management

Effective IAM is a crucial part of risk management, as it helps prevent unauthorised access and potential data breaches. We can mitigate these risks, and provide ongoing monitoring to identify and address new risks as and when they arise.

Prioritising Security Measures

Not all systems and data are of equal importance, and it's essential to prioritise security measures accordingly. By identifying your most critical assets and implementing appropriate access controls, we can ensure your most valuable data has the highest level of protection.

Reducing Inefficiencies

Over time, companies can accumulate outdated systems, which are expensive and maintain a cyber security risk. We'll help identify any issues, replacing inefficient IAM practices with modern, effective solutions.

IAM Strategy and Roadmap

A clear IAM strategy and roadmap is crucial for managing your business' needs and planning for future growth. Our team of experts can provide strategic guidance, helping you to develop and implement an IAM roadmap

What Our Customers Say

Working with Infosec K2K was a game-changer for our organisation. Their cyber security expertise and proactive approach sets them apart, and has given us the peace of mind we were looking for. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Senior IT Engineer, Financial Services Sector

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